We are a tech company that concentrates on precision cultivation of fresh produce
tightly focused on optimization of yield and input costs.

Founded in 2010, Agrinamics has emerged as one of the most respected hydroponic farms in the world. Our patent-pending software controls all elements of the growing system, including proprietary lighting, irrigation, CO2, humidity, and temperature regulators. We are also actively developing additional innovations in solar energy, produce processing, and advanced control systems.

Systems Engineering Approach

An indoor growing facility is a complicated system requiring significant systems engineering to optimize results. Further, each facility location has unique characteristics that require individualized analysis and solutions. In our view, the young vertical farming industry has undue focus on the growing process itself without consideration for the larger business issues. Further, most take a naive 'best-of-breed' approach, whereby they attempt to select each part of the system by finding the best in class product. The problem with this approach is that none of these individual parts were designed to work with each other. Which leads to a wasteful system that fails to fully maximize each component.

Agrinamics approach is to ensure the entire system is considered. This philosophy led us to develop a large body of proprietary IP, creating almost every hardware and software component in-house as opposed to relying on third-party products. We readily admit that another company may offer a superior product for any given part, but we are not aware of anyone who has synthesized a complete growing system as we have. We believe having a superior system without having superior parts is a badge of honor validating the importance of systems engineering.